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What Priority should I give my support request?

Use your best judgement and the list below to select an initial priority level for your support request.

Our team will investigate each support request and update the issue's priority level based on their understanding.

You can help us triage and prioritize your support request by including as much information on the issue as possible. Answering all questions and providing relevant screenshots will help us resolve your request as efficiently as possible. 

  • Urgent: System is not operational and is causing revenue and/or business impact.

    • Examples: Full system outage, Complete failure of a required integration 

  • High: A portion of the system is not operational and is causing business impact.

    • Examples: Partial failure of a required integration, partial failure of a required feature 

  • Medium: A portion of the system is not operational, but without substantial impact to business operations.

    • Examples: Certain feature(s) are slow, see an increase in site errors, or behave erratically.

  • Low: Cosmetic problems which have limited to no impact on business operations.

    • Examples: Size and formatting changes for media or text that does not impair site use, color adjustments, text overflow that doesn't block other elements.